Your work can make a huge impact in Belgium!
Construction teams can save Continental Theological Seminary $850,000...and build hope for broken societies across Europe. 
Societal brokenness and human suffering have overtaken Europe.
Continental Theological Seminary must expand to equip the next generation of Spirit-empowered church leaders and move the pentecostal mission forward in the face of secular philosophies.

Over the past ten years, eight theological institutions have closed across Europe! 

While other theological institutions are closing across Europe, CTS is going against the flow against all odds!

The new Pentecostal Leadership Center will provide additional housing and community space for the growing student population.
Easily mobilize a team to Brussels, Belgium today!

Ensure that students across Europe are no longer turned away from quality theological education at CTS due to lack of space! 
Build hope

A campaign to increase the ministry capacity of Continental Theological Seminary

Your team will be working in partnership with generous donors participating in this worldwide campaign to fund the $8.5M Pentecostal Leadership Center.

Volunteer construction team members have the opportunity to save $850,000 through their work on the project!

Student life will be the center of attention for the new Pentecostal Leadership Center (PLC). This two-story, 38,000-square-foot building will include female student dorms and married student dorms. Additionally, it will house the new kitchen, cafeteria, and student community spaces.

CTS is about one thing…equipping Pentecostal leaders for ministry service. 

The new PLC will provide a community space for the international student body to connect and build relationships that will carry them through their life in ministry. The new dormitory space is crucial to ensure no student is turned away but has access to safe and affordable housing on campus.
Change the Lives of Students
Join the army of mission teams helping to build the new Pentecostal Leadership Center of Continental Theological Seminary (CTS)! 
Graduates: 2,000
Current Students: 131
Countries: 60
​In Ministry: 85%
Our Project Life Certified seal means you can have confidence knowing you are helping where HOPE is needed most.
Empower Students to Succeed in Ministry!
  • Escape the snares of empty religion
  • ​Discover their passion and calling in life
  • ​Avoid the pitfalls of secular education in Europe
  • ​Succeed in ministry after graduation!
  • ​Ministry to sex trafficking victims
  • ​Providing hope to broken secular societies
Exciting Mission Team Impact and Excursion Opportunities!
  • Provide a place where future leaders are developed.
  • ​Empower students training to plant churches and reaching the lost in Europe and beyond.​
  • ​Volunteer construction teams will save CTS $850,000 in labor costs.
  • ​​Eat a real Belgian waffle!​
  • ​Visit the Neuhaus chocolate factory!
  • ​Exciting team excursion options, including Paris, Waterloo, Netherland windmills, and more.
“With the advent of globalization and the acceleration of communication technology, it is incumbent that CTS be responsive. As an institution, CTS must be nimble, flexible, and adaptable to meet the demands and needs of a highly mobile and tech-savvy generation that is longing for mentoring and coaching in order to grow and to share effectively the full gospel of Christ with a lost world.”

Gregory M. Mundis, D. Min 
Executive Director, Assemblies of God World Missions
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