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Here's What People Are Saying
“I am dreaming of a CTS that continues to train and equip outstanding leaders for the church in Europe, working in close connection with both its alumni, churches and denominations all across the continent. I’m dreaming of a school that imparts practical leadership skills for these challenging times without neglecting academic excellence on the other side. I’m dreaming of a place where students learn to ask the fundamental questions of the church in the twenty-first century and still stay connected to the lasting heritage of the church. I’m dreaming of a place that changes lives to change the world... in short, much of what I’m dreaming of is already there, but I’m sure there’s still more to come.”
Christoph Fischer Bachelor of Arts, 2001
“My foremost prayers for CTS is that this Godly institution would meet the challenge to raise more effective spiritual and Biblical leaders for the Church, especially in the French culture and environment which is in crucial need of powerful leadership. My dream for CTS for the next decade is that it becomes one of the biggest evangelical centers of spiritual and academic formation, a place where the work of the Spirit and the education of the mind blend together to impact thousands of people around Europe. Our churches and our world need to see charismatic leaders powerfully equipped in order to save many more souls. I think that this is what CTS has chosen to target for the last few years and I just wait to see God mightily answering our prayers.” 
Philippe Bergamini, Bachelor of Arts, 2004; Master of Theology, 2006
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